Facebook lands Dallas Workers in Trouble

Constantly checking Facebook at work may get you in trouble.

Two dozen Dallas City Hall workers received reprimands or counseling after a recent probe showed they spent too much time on the social networking site.

Seriously? Is it really that hard to *NOT DO PERSONAL THINGS ON COMPANY TIME!?*

Robber broke into Salon beaten up, kept as Sex Slave for Days, Fed only Viagra

A Russian man who tried to rob a hair salon ended up as the victim when the female shop owner overpowered him, tied him up naked and then used him as a sex slave for three days.

Viktor Jasinski, 32, admitted to police that he had gone to the salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, with the intention of robbing it.

This is what you look like right now…

The Last Shuttle Launch

Michael Rowland tweeted this on Friday:

Can’t help thinking we might not be watching the last Shuttle Launch if we had been this interested in some of the previous ones.

Our friend John Welch acerbically wrote:

No longer a nation of leaders and explorers, we are a land of merchants, grubbing in the dirt and footsteps of where others lead.

Both tweets really struck a chord with me and perfectly encapsulated the anger and frustration I felt as I watched the reaction to the liftoff of Atlantis via Twitter on Friday.

The sanctimonious tone of the tweets sent me over the edge. So many people spoke sadly, admiringly, hopefully about the launch and I just wanted to reach through the computer and yell at them, “IF YOU CARED SO MUCH, WHY IS IT BEING CANCELLED!?”

America will now spend the next 10+ years, if not longer, bumming rides into space from the Russians, the Japanese, the French and maybe even the Chinese. This is the nation that dared us in the 1960’s to dream. To think bigger than just ourselves. To look skyward in wonder and awe and to imagine the possibilities.

image by Robert Scoble

And now they are relegated to second tier status. Make no mistake, this will be taken as an opportunity for the “budget conscious” to further gut the NASA budget - a budget that has been whittled away to almost barebones for decades.

The well known PBS host, Neil deGrasse Tyson, had several tweets on Friday detailing the minimal cost of NASA:

The entire half-century budget of NASA equals the current two year budget of the US military.

The US military spends as much in 23 days as NASA spends in a year - and that’s when we’re not fighting a war.

The US bank bailout exceeded the half-century lifetime budget of NASA.

How America got here and where they are going will be discussed ad infinitum for years. But for every person who tweeted how much they enjoyed the last launch, I challenge you to contact your elected representatives and demand they dream big. That they allow America to once again lead us into space, into the future and into our imaginations.

America is a great country and the original pursuit of space flight proved that. I want to see America prove it again.

Woman Dies after Sex with Dog

A man was before Limerick District Court after his Alsatian dog had sex with a 43-year-old woman. The woman later died from an allergic reaction. The incident happened in 2008 and the dog has been held in custody since.

The Irish print edition of The Sun reported that 57-year old Sean McDonnell was the first person ever tried under the legislation banning sex with animals.

Apparently the sex was consensual as the dead woman and McDonnell had met on a bestiality chat room and decided to follow up, according to the print edition of The Irish Daily Star.

Police are apparently satisfied that the sex was consensual.

Dead Kennedys’ ‘Too Drunk to Fuck’ gets Heineken Beer Ad Canned

Dead Kennedys

A good jingle can go a long way in selling a product, but simple sonics don’t usually exhibit extraordinary powers over an individual. Still, the folks over at Heineken aren’t taking any chances. The Dutch beer giant has recalled an ad featuring a cover of the Dead Kennedys classic ‘Too Drunk to Fuck’ after claims that the spot encouraged binge drinking.

7 Reasons I will Bone the Next Dude who Yells at Me from His Car

Oh man, is there anything quite so tingly or juice-inducing than the random dude screaming at a lady out his car window?

And lo, I say unto you, no. No there is not.

Pretty much every Woman’s Magazine Cover, Ever

Motorcyclist dies after hitting Head on Pavement during Protest against Helmet Laws

Police say a motorcyclist participating in a protest ride against helmet laws in upstate New York died after he flipped over the bike’s handlebars and hit his head on the pavement.
via washingtonpost.com

While we’ll all “laugh” at the sad irony, if you read the story, there’s nothing ironic about it.

Troopers say Contos hit his brakes and the motorcycle fishtailed. The bike spun out of control, and Contos toppled over the handlebars.”

That’s not irony - that’s bad riding.

"Go the Fuck to Sleep" not Funny

As the title suggests, “Go the Fuck to Sleep” mocks the parental frustrations of trying to lay a child down to bed. Crass in concept and execution, this is an expletive-filled bedtime story intended solely for the amusement of parents.

Joan Demarest is an attorney in Corvallis, Oregon, and the mother of three young boys. Demarest told me that initially she thought the book was funny. That was before she read it. “Now I find it unsettling. I don’t like violent language in association with children.”